5 Stained Concrete Designs You Should Give A Try

In the past, people feared using concrete in their homes, due to the greyish official appearance it had. It was widely used in commercial premises, especially in areas that received massive foot traffic especially warehouses and garage areas. However, with the invention of stained concrete, this has changed. Today, you will find beautiful structures in homes across the world made of concrete. From patios, driveways, walkways, pavements, pool decks, floors, countertops, fireplaces, and many other elements in both the indoor and outdoor space, stained concrete has played an integral part in transforming the look of modern homes.

Whether you need a decorative surface for your concrete patio, floor, pool decks, or driveway, staining is the best way to go. It does not only provide the best curb appeal without a price tag, but it also offers utmost durability and superb versatility that you cannot find in any other material.

Staining is a great method of coloring concrete because it penetrates deeper; hence it’s difficult for the colors to fade, chip, peel, or flake off. With a stained concrete structure, you are guaranteed that your future generations will enjoy the benefits you enjoy today as long as it is properly sealed.

With this type of decorative concrete, you can build whatever you can imagine. Below are some stained concrete design ideas you should give a try.

#1 A surface with multiple colors

Why should you settle for one color while stained concrete comes in a broad range of colors to choose from? Why not perfectly blend a few to bring out the most desirable outcomes? If you are a color enthusiast, you can create anything you can think off. Whether you need a kaleidoscope or a rainbow-inspired surface, purchase stains of different colors and do the magic. With this type of concrete, there are no limitations with what you can do. All you require is a creative mind, and the ability to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

#2 Use colors inspired by water

If you want to customize the looks of spaces that get into contact with water every now and then such as bathrooms, toilets, pool decks, and other surfaces, consider using water-inspired colors. Here, you can choose either water-based or acid-stained stains with a blue color. The color blue comes in a range of shades.  If you cannot customize the color by yourself, you can seek the services of a good decorative concrete contractor who will help you acquire the most desirable shade that will bring enviable outcomes.

#3 Use multiple color patterns

Have you ever imagined having a surface that looks like a chessboard? Does the thought look unachievable? With stained concrete, you can easily achieve this. Coming inn an array of patterns, you can customize your surface to give it a personal touch. Use stencils to control the placing of the colors.

You can create many patterns with stained concrete including plaid, flora, polka dots, swirls, and many more.

#4 Why not mimic marble?

Marble is one of the most expensive materials in the modern market. Other than spending all your fortunes purchasing it and using it for your concrete surface, you can make use of acid-based chemical stains to mimic it at a fraction of the price. Seeking the services of a professional will go a long way in making it difficult for onlookers not to believe the surface isn’t made of real marble. Simply put, do not try to do this by yourself unless you are a professional in the field.

#5 Give your surface the look of wood and natural stone

Due to their outstanding versatility, stains can be efficiently used to replicate the random effects and colors of wood and natural stones. Achieving this is not easy, and you will require to pay a skilled and professional artisan.

Using distinct types of stains, you can get a natural look of travertine, limestone, river stone, flagstone, and slate. You can also acquire different wood patterns including the reclaimed wood weathered look, chestnut, oak, and walnut.